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May 01, 2006



It can't believe it survived Kong AND Nora Ephron...

Amazing picture!

Beautiful building. I am glad it is still there, unlike the WTC. I miss seeing those buildings. Sigh.

That's a magnificent picture, blogenfreude. You really captured the beauty and romance of that building. Lord! It's been years since I was in New York. Not since 1993. I remember looking up and thinking about 'King Kong' and 'An Affair to Remember'. I didn't go in - preferring to remember visiting it when I was 4 - just before we moved to California. I was thrilled and frightened. My father held me up to see the city. I don't remember there being a security fence. It was a grey day; I seem to recall it in black and white. My father had watched it being built, having emigrated to New York in 1920. Amazing how little it has changed – and how much everything else has.

Beautiful photo, great work.

Que bien.

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