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May 25, 2006


Let Denny file his suit. He'll never be able to prove malice. Especially in front of a DC jury. N'est ce pas?

Does anyone else find it interesting that the same "patriots" attacking the FBI now for invading Jefferson's office are the same "patriots" who went ballistic when Patrick Kennedy crashed his car nearly into his office?

Oh my darlings, if irony were fromage, the entire world would smell like sweatsocks right now.

Comprennez, mon cher?

He's just "in the mix," says ABC. Whatever that means.

What's next - pistols at dawn?

Better not...Denny makes for an awfully large target.

Sir, I demand satisfaction!

Sir, I demand satisfaction!

Here's $5. I know a hooker...

She at the Watergate? Because I'm headed to a poker game there...

They need to get their panties in a twist over something a little more important...but what do I know?!

I think it's funny that these guys are getting a taste of what peaceful groups have been subjected to (when suspected of being terrorists(!)), or folks like Cyrus Kar who was accused of having bomb-making equipment when they knew he didn't. I personally watched the FBI turning over his apartment.

Maybe these politicos will be a little bit more aware of what the loss of our liberties really means -- and that bushco wants to make it a normal thing. I doubt it, but hey, a girl can dream, eh?

Well, what did Denny boy expect? That the law only affects Democrats?

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