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May 06, 2006


I LOVE the spy-v-spy graphic. Memories of reading MAD magazine as a kid.

As for why ol' Porter got thrown unde the bus, come on blogenfreude, you heard the Great Decider: "Porter Goss was a transitional CIA head. He helped reorganize our intelligence agency and protect the American People during the War on Terror blah blah blah..."

Me, I think it was the hookers, just like everyone else. Them, and the "expensive cigars" that were undoubtedly Cuban, meaning illegal.

Now that would be a real Capone moment, don't you think? Goss going down (aaargh) for the simple sin of having illegal fucking cigars?!

I prefer the "Republicans-on-the-Down-Low-
-makes-perfect-sense" explination.

Remember: you can't spell "Anus plier" or "Lube snail." without "Republicans."

By the way, "Dusty Foggo" is perhaps the coolest name I've ever heard.

the new director coming in is a four star air force general, who is going to support the case that we can bludgeon iran from the air, and get away with it. to hell with what negroponte says; bombs, and yes nukes will rule, when it comes to destroying the fledgling iranian energy program and beginning the destruction of another middle eastern state. the real problem with this is that this time our paper tiger will have the shit kicked out of him.

Oh it was the hookers! And I'll bet anything they were male. If it was women - he could pull a Swaggart and cop to the 'sin'. With it being about homosexuality - no bloody way. The pseudo-Christian crowd would riot in the streets. It was get him out, and as quietly as possible. Then when the scandal breaks - claim no knowledge.

Remember: you can't spell "Anus plier" or "Lube snail." without "Republicans."


And you can't spell "R We Gebus, Ho?" without George W. Bush.


I think it was the hookers. I can't say of which gender, but I think it may have well been male, as there seems to be a number of those types swarming around the Bush administration.

Attitude, or fornitude, we all need to take a careful look at the next few moves on this chessboard. This is truly how Goering came to be.

Because Bush was going after the second "trifecta" of his adminstration. Low poll numbers, Rumsfeld's pre-war lies on display for all to see, and of course, the links between Goss and Duke Cunningham, prostitutes and bribery. I even posted something in honor of the occassion.

Does a sitting president have to on the recieve of a blowjob to be impeached? Or can he be impeached because someone in his administration was on the recieving end?

"...a blow job seems to be the only thing that reliably takes administrations down." A very specific type of blow job though. It has to be given to a Democrat. Republicans don't count.

Wouldn't it just be wonderful if that little ass licker MaCain was in there with all the "Boys" getting his knob nibbled by that famous journalist Jeff Gannon? Can't wait to hear what that fuckwit Pat Robertson has to say about this!

I would it to be over some nasty photos prominently featuring Gannon but I'm finding it hard to believe it's just that. They've faced down the gay connection before. I'm thinking it has something to do with the limo company connection.

"Does a sitting president have to be on the receiving end of a BJ before being impeached?" To the best of our knowledge P, just sitting on it will do! lol M

Fornigate, definitely!

Those perverted GOPers.

Robot thanks for your comic genius, what great anagrams. You rule dude!

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