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May 17, 2006


I like the way the media continues to conflate "conservative" and "neo-con". A real conservative would be horrified by this invasion of privacy. Sensenbrenner is like a little old maid gossip who spends all her time poking around in other people's business so she can look down on them for their supposed transgressions.

From the Cnet article:

At minimum, the proposal says, user names, physical addresses, Internet Protocol addresses and subscribers' phone numbers must be retained.

The Intarweb is more than just a bunch of residential users on cable modems. How would this affect business-class ISPs who assign their corporate customers blocks of static IP addresses that the customer's own IT staff configures on their privately owned network equipment, which the ISP has no access to. Or more to the point, if the goal of this is to be able to easily identify a pedophile, how does PAT (one to many NAT, a very commonly used means of putting an entire company behind one single IP address) fit into this picture? It doesn't, or it requires the ISP to start managing most if not all of their customers' networks.

For that matter, if an ISP or the government detects unlawful activity at a particular residential service address, how does the ISP know which of the users in the household was actively using the service at that time? Do we just automatically arrest Dad, even when it was Uncle Bob using the computer at the time the crime was allegedly committed?

To really get where they are going requires the issuance of some sort of "Internet Driver's License" that tags every packet with a unique identifier belonging to the license holder. After too many years of working at an Internet Hell Desk I fully support the Intarweb Driver's License idea (compulsory collision insurance probably not a bad idea either ;)

And while they are at it, I hope that RFC3514 will finally become law of the land.

Fuckin CRIMINALS! What is it gonna TAKE to get the whole Bush Gang into PRISON...hopefully with a viewing platform for us to stand and stick our tongues out at them?

And who is going to pay for all that disk space? Log files grow to become unweilding, specially huge sites. Typical idiot in washington who has no idea how shit works...

No web hosting company will be able to maintain that sort of data. Also, considering other web hosting companies in other countries will not need to do that, it will drive our prices here up, and achieve little as folks move their sites offshore where there are still countries who respect and value privacy....

Denise is right. How can ISPs afford the space? Make OUR costs go up? This is one stupid ass law. Sigh. Time to call your representative...AGAIN.

And who is going to pay for all that disk space?

Choicepoint wouldn't mind offering up some of their database to store this crap.

Is James lack of Sensenbrenner trying to follow in the footsteps of his fellow Wisconsin loonie Joe McCarthy?

Record this!

Fuck you, you fuckin' fucks!

There going to run out of people to man the Department of Homeland Security if they start monitoring were everone is going on the web, especially when they start rooting out more of their own child molesting types...

Let's take this further. Why isn't the USPS photocopying all letters? Seems there's a way to communicate there that isn't being covered.

This is all getting too weird.

This is a great idea! No, wait...this is a terrible idea!

I mean, I've spent the better half of the last year visiting lefty sites, all with the intention of making them a little more America-loving. However, to the untrained eye, it MIGHT appear, based entirely on my internet "footprint" that I'M a lefty!

Damn, I hate irony!

My how our little Senselessbrenner's grown. It seems like only last year he was planning to put mother's in jail for two years if they failed to turn their children in to the police for smoking pot.

Is it just me or do about half the Repubs qualify as totally fucking insane?

And now lack-of-Sensenbrenner says that Bush abandoned his draconian immigration bill.

Poor cheesehead can't get no love!

P.O.P. - it isn't you.

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