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May 31, 2006


How do they say over at Atrios's blog? Frist? Anyways, that's a kick ass pic for this post. Oh, BTW, what's your retainer?

There's really a simple solution for this. Just change the name of the business to United Christian Bible Supplies. Problem solved!

Science makes Jesus cry.

I really enjoyed playing with my chemistry set and they are right about kids not enjoying science without the benefit of labs. Sometimes I didn't understand something until I saw it with my own eyes.

We are such a sad country lately.

Who's going to invent the next generation of giant bomby-things?

It is going to be even more difficult for the US to compete internationally in math and science (like Bush wants to compete in a glbal economy) when the DHS is busy rounding up all those would-be-scientists.

reminds me a bit of the story about the kid who brought a burrito to school, and some one in their "post 9-11" thinking called the cops saying he either had a gun or explosive...

I wish I could find the link to that story...

UGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yes, let's dumb down our children even further.

And this made us safer how? Jesus, this country has lost it's rational mind completely.

First round up all the thinkers and artists and toss 'em in jail... then target a certain group of people & toss them in jail ... murdering them comes next!

Bob Lazar? Is that the same guy who outed Area 51? The government has been wanting to nail him for years...

Let's not stop with merely dumbing down the kids, let's weigh them down with sugar and lard, and plop 'em in front of a movie or video game, and create diabetic, drooling idiots who are prone to violence!

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