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May 30, 2006


well, imagine that. Free Governments looking after their PEOPLE?!? Haven't they been told about the updated (Jesusistan) version of "freedom?"

I wonder what kind of juicy tid bits we get from the communication satellites we've hoisted into space for some of these countries. We wouldn't tamper with them, would we?

But this is OLD Europe! We only work with New Europe!

You know, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Luxemborg, Brussels...and of course, New England, but only New Hampshire.

Go EU! In a game of brinkmanship over fines and landing rights and passenger data the state supported EU carriers will suffer much less than the bankrupt US carriers.

Don't forget Poland. We must never forget the contribution of Poland!

I got your Poland right here,...and here.

Damn legislating-from-the-bench-hippie-Euro-judges!

Don't they know which side their croissant is buttered on?

Okay, so in addition to Freedom Fries, it looks like we're going to have to add the following to our updated America 2.0 vernacular:

Democracy Sprouts
Liberty Fly
Justice Chocolate Cake
We The People Ice
Tranquility Meatballs
Apple Cinnamon Security

I'm going to second what jolly roger said in his comment.

I got a hankerin' for them democracy sprouts.

I'd like me some Justice Chocolate Cake!

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