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May 22, 2006


Well if Karl didn't do anything wrong enough for Fitz to indict him, I have to accept the decision. I don't want any innocent man or woman to be indicted. But if he did do something wrong, I hope they catch it and do whatever is the right thing.

Maybe Karl's isn't the kind of Evil you can indict. On Earth. We don't know!

I'm still hoping Truthout had a reason to write what they did. It wouldnt' do them any good to lie.

So...basically I was right when I pointed out over the course of the past two weeks that a) Jason Leopold has a history of making shit up and b) he's admitted to past substance abuse and probably didn't complete rehab!

Who da man, beeyatches?

Who da man, beeyatches?

Yeah yeah yeah ... you said it. But even the blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while ...

For some folks "at least I'm Not Being Indicted" is what passes for an ethos. Pathetic.

"admitted to past substance abuse and probably didn't complete rehab!"

And what, exactly, is your point?

Damn "liberal media."

Personally I don't put much faith in sources like Raw Story or Truth Out because they are ideologically-driven news outlets whereas institutions like the NYTimes or the CSMonitor are journalistically-driven.

That's not to say that the fomer institutions have faulty reporting, they just don't seem as reputable to me.

Hhana:From what I've been reading, the indictments are sealed and Gonzo is blocking the case from moving forward.
Dhana:Funny how the inferior life forms make personal attacks on the bearer of bad news.

When, oh when will it be Fitzmas?

I want my Karl doll! I want my stickpins!

I have to admit that -- over the past month -- I have been on publishing and grant application deadlines, and missed this whole thing until I stumbled upon Helen's blog last night.

I would not be surprised if Fitzgerald prepared the indictment, ran it up the flagpole to Gonzales and was told to tear it up, except that I think Gonzales has recused himself from the case, so the flagpole would have led to whatever Bush crony is "Acting AG" for this case.

Still, not surprised.

And, is it just me, or has Alberto Gonzales' speaking voice gone from "odd Tejas drawl" to "nearly campy effeminate" in the past couple of months?

I'm not making any implications about his sexual orientation, because that's his business, and I wouldn't care if he was straight, gay, bi, or castrati, but the change has been noticeable, at least to me.

Anyone else?

Yeah yeah yeah ... you said it. But even the blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while ...

Posted by: blogenfrede

Oh it's more than once a while!!!!


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