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May 04, 2006


Looks like that DC bar exam is waaaay too easy.

Unlike the Florida one, which, I'm told, is bloody hard. Do they still have that writing requirement (the long expository essay) on the LSAT? Because if so, I am wondering how this woman made it past that alone.

Just thought of this one:

Wingnuts rust by the side of the road; Moonbats soar above!

After nearly 4 years, billions of dollars, torture, an incompetant war, dismanteling of the Constitution, destruction of the economy, the best that the Bushies can do is nail a single man for the crime of 9/11---a psycopathic, schiophrenic, who just happened to be in jail at the time. Show trial, forgone conclusion not withstanding, The whole affair is a pathetic, outrageous beacon for the rumbling, maggot riddled corpse of the former American democracy. M

Don't forget Khalid Shaikh, and Ramzi bin al-Shibh, people closer to the 911 plot than Moussaoui could ever wish to be . . .
What's the likelyhood we will ever see their trial? Let alone bin Forgotten.

Whew... what a maroon!

"Well, we were, until we found Clarice Feldman, who blogs at the rather inaptly-titled American Thinker."

If that is not an understatement I don't know what is. Granted we all make some typo's here and there in the frenzy of "bloglust" but we usually have actually thought out what we are going to say.

And they say conservatives don't have a sense of irony. Oh wait a minute, that's have a sense of self-awareness.

The American Thinker has been thinking so hard that her brain is turning to mush. Perhaps she could be more like the American Decider and think less.

[sic] I say, just [sic].

All seriousness aside, Clarice is evidence that listening to redundancy radio and watching Fox News kills brain cells.

This is a seriously funny post. Thanks. I needed a laugh.

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