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May 05, 2006


The man is an idiot.

Where's the Almighty when you need him?

Why won't He just wipe them off the map...oh, wait...He only punishes faggots and liberals and New Yorkers, etc., etc., etc. My bad. Proceed.

WHEN is this goddamn idiot going to learn to shut his retarded pie-hole?? Wasn't dissing the Jews & losing his Jesusland Park bad enough?

For a man who says god talks to him, you'd think that with his close contacts with the "almighty" (dollar?) that he could get some accurate information.

Knowing some of Pat's past dealings with nutty dictator types, he may have sold nukes to Iran because he wants to bring on Armaggedon. I thought fortune-telling was considered sinful in Pat's little world, but he seems to have turned the Bible into his version of Tarot cards.

OH...Two for one Pat!

We can strap Tinky-Winky, Sponge-Bob, Burt & Ernie and the rest of those subversive-Fag Muppets to the weapon!

What could be better than Queer Eye for the Iranian Guy?

Fuckin' Moron!

Question: Can we impeach him with the President?

Better idea!

Impeach Dumbya-Smirks-A-Lot, and lock him up in a private cell with the only other man more obsessed with fags converting straights...Pat Robertson.

Who do ya think will be "converted" to be the "bottom" first?

Can you say Brokeback-Ministration?

We definately need this misconfigured human out there calling for war. Someone needs to tell him to shut the f**k up, because we are already in two wars that don't seem to be going all that well.

We're going to put Iran in the microwave?

Who are you going to believe, those godless one-world-government bastards at the UN, or the man who has Jesus' ear?

Nobody listens to an old guy that trips over his tongue when he walks.

Great picture---what did ole' Pat just sit on? M

Pat Robertson is a man of God! We should trust everything he says because Christians never lie!

Just FYI for all you folks who don't know Carrie Oakey... her comment is NOT sarcastic. Scary, I know.

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