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May 07, 2006


I've always considered vacation to be the best part of any job, but it's pretty scary to know the friggin' leader of the free world agrees with me.

What, reading "My Pet Goat," didn't make the list?

At least he's not currently exploding frogs. So far as I know.

Must have been a large mouth bass. I doubt he caught a 7+ lb. perch, especially in the south.

{Mopping up seltzer covered keyboard}. Funniest thing I've read all day and you're not the first to make me laugh...

"At least he's not currently exploding frogs. So far as I know." Guess Karl is safe for now! M

With the amount of time he spends on vacation I'm really not shocked he remembered a fishing success as opposed to anything related to the job. We're actually safer if he's on a lake somewhere. Someone just needs to convince him to go duckhunting with Cheney.

badgervan - you have forgotten something. Bush always lies. Every time. About everything. Automatically. Pathologically.

And, they asked about the best moment of his presidency, not the best moment in the last 5 years. It was another lame attempt at humor, I would guess, by a moron who is a lame duck and has no sense of what is appropriate.

And we left this guy in charge of "The Free World?" ha-ha....

Indeed, since everything in his administration has been a disaster, I am sure the catching of this fish brought the guy some feeling of comfort that some things do work out...

I thought he would have chosen dressing up in a flight suit with a stuffed crotch to land on an aircraft carrier and declare mission accomplished.

Jesus still caught more fish than Dubya. I don't know what he's so proud of...

I just read on KOS that perch of that weight don't exist here in the states... the biggest they get is 4.5 lbs. So he lied on top of making the stupid comment in the first place. What a "moran"!

So...if he'd have been perch fishing off the Trade Center on September 11th, that would have been an average day?

By the way, the "perch" thing is a mistranslation of a mistranslation. Apparently, "bass" doesn't translate well into German.

At least he didn't say the worst thing he ever did was fall off his bike.


Bush said he caught a 7 pound bass. In German, there is no word for bass, so it was written down as "barsch", the german word for eurpean perch. (which get much larger than the north american species, and are in many ways similar to bass.) When the article was translated back into English, it was recorded as "perch". Bush said bass, it was just lost in the translation.

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