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June 09, 2006


Thankfully the World Cup has arrived. Now I can forget about politics for a month.

I almost woudl admire the way the right never stops attacking and fighting if they were not such insipid lower forms of beings...

Why can't the left learn from this? hold no punches!

there were lots of emotions this week and it's amazing how heartless and hateful the "people of god" can be.

DeLay, Bolten, Bennett, Inhofe...with characters like these championing the right, it's amazing that anyone would publicly admit to being conservative these days.

Republicans represent the only moral fiber that is left in this country. If you knew what was good for you, you would support them. At least they're not going to Hell like you are.
God Bless,
The God Warrior

You forgot to mention Coulter's potential legal problem stemming from voting in Florida. I suppose it goes without mentioning noting the ease by which right-wing disinfortainers get off with a slap on the wrist.

Inhofe is by far the funniest, but I'm sure Bennett's just still steaming from the beat down Jon Stewart gave him the other night. Stewart SKEWED the creep.

Where do people like Inhofe come from?

I'm sure Coulter is a plagiarist on some level. I love "lifted one emaciated leg to piss on 9/11 families." Spewed coffee.

Dear God Warrior,

I bet you're proud. Oops! That's a deadly sin. And you're jealous that we're smart and interesting. Oops! There's another. And you covet our attention. Man, you're in it deep.

Here, sit in this handbasket.

Good stuff, as per usual. It was a particularly busy week; however, I think that the clearly addled and probably stoned Ann Coulter on the Today show wins.

'scuze me Tata. As I am a post-pregnant woman, and the government has yet to establish guidelines for the likes of me, that handbasket belongs to ME.

BTW, Bill O'Reilly says that Ann Coulter has a valid point re: the 9/11 widows. When I read that this morning, I about exploded. What levels of evil will these people sink to?

I love "lifted one emaciated leg to piss on 9/11 families."

To be fair, the comment is from the linked piece ... I just added the word "emaciated." Remember, if you copy it, it's plagiarism, if you footnote it, it's "research."

Pardon moi, Jood dahhhhhhhhhlink.

Garcon! Handbaskets all around! And don't skimp on the pate!

I think it's a shame that the integrity of Inhofe's 47 year marriage is so fragile that it's endangered by the prospect of a same-sex couple getting married. Poor man.

Congrats again on the C&L link. Couldn't happen to a nicer propagandist. xoxo

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