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June 15, 2006


Many years from now psychiatrists, historians and sociologists will study the last few years of American history and wonder what on earth could have prevented a bold, innovative people from seeing what was plainly true, patently obvious and evident even from a great distance. Optometrists will make great scapegoats.

Ain't that grand Kerry realizes the election was robbed two years later?

BF, it's about fricking time that Jan woke up. I used to live in her district, and she just kind of infuriates me by not doing enough. But, reading the full text of her speech gives me some measure of hope - people are waking up, and if we can keep Nov. 2006 from being stolen, then we have a chance to turn things around.

"we have a chance to turn things around."

And just how/what would you do?

As usual the dems are too little, too late. It's every-electoral-system-for-itself now.

"You can't put the weenie genie back in the bottle."

I dunno. The Washington state governor's race was nearly stolen but for the efforts of the Democratic party there...

This is sickening, depressing and maddening. What DO we do??

election reform; and short of that, Chicago used to have an organization called Project LEAP (Legal Elections in All Precincts) which was a watchdog group that made sure votes were cast properly and counted legally. It's a major undertaking, and it's a start. Organize. That's a start.

"Organize. That's a start."

You could always ask algore for some help? Isn't he an expert at counting unreadable ballots?

Will you ever trust an election again? I won't; not till they tear that old system apart and start fresh. And maybe not even then.

You could always ask algore for some help? Isn't he an expert at counting unreadable ballots?

Posted by: Michael

Really, Mike? Wasn't he the one who agreed to listen to the rule of law?

Unlike, sayyyyyy, certain Republicans who shall remain nameless (but who's initials are "W"), who interferred in a state matter and went whining to Daddy and his friends for help, who agreed to help ONLY if they could issue a ruling that will never ever ever help anyone again?

You're out of your league here, son.

Take Back?
WTF.....This empire was a lie on July 4th, 1776 and has been nothin' but a big fib everyday since.
I mean, "...all men are created equal" and that was written by SLAVE OWNERS.

There NEVER WAS a "Good ole days" except for, as Ms. Simon sang, "...right here" when things are "Good."

Orrrrrrrrrrr as moi wrote in my' lill' parody "Dine On A Beagle,"
"Just like it was in ancient Athens and Rome."

However, if'in you want the entire human DNA experience, delivered in 1:01, give moi's
"Hey! Hey! We're The Humans" a listen BUT listen or not, the good ole days NEVER WERE; the only way that they can be stolen from you is if YOU create that delusion.

Republicans as Hitler Dee/Hitler Dum or Democrats as Hitler Dum/Hitler Dee is NOT a choice,
it IS a jungle out there, a sick parody of a civilization, a jungle, no more.....no less.

Stay on Groovin' Safari,
TOR Hershman

What has really upset me is that liberal bloggers didn't take it seriously until Kennedy wrote the article. Hello! Last fall, Mark Crispin Miller's analysis in Harper's totally kicked the door down, and he followed it up immediately with a book. Then along comes Kennedy in RS, and suddenly, liberal bloggers had a story.

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