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June 08, 2006


Our problem is we're not posting enough severed heads where we can win hearts and minds with them.

What ever happened to that Osama guy? Oh yeah, he's living off his CIA pension in a Pakistani palace.

I am glad he is dead. He was really a bad guy, as was Saddam. There will be others, they are jockeying for first place as we speak. I don't think there will be a significant turn down in violence, but I hope I am wrong about that.

Yes, now getting our old buddy Osama, that would be nice.

What? You mean the link between Saddam and Al Qaeda has been killed?

Good heavens! Well, I guess our job there is done. No more terrorists, we can come home now and start opening up IHOPs in Baghdad...

You just know they're going to milk this guy's death for all it's worth, which in their estimation is a handful of approval points at least, plus a shitload of face time for Snowjob and distraction from the mountain of pressing domestic issues like our national debt, the health care crisis, etc.

The good news: hurricane season means those approval ratings are sure to plummet yet further southward as the Slacker in Chief allows more cities to sink or swim on their own and millions more move over to the "Disgusted" column.

The bad news: hurricane season. Fuckity fuck fuck.

"Good heavens! Well, I guess our job there is done. No more terrorists, we can come home now and start opening up IHOPs in Baghdad..."

Everyone knows that McDonalds come before IHOP. Geez.

Ratted out by own of his own guys. Is there no honor amoung thugs?

Great post, Blogen. That article about the shrub admin. didn't off him 700 deaths ago is pure gold. of course it's great the guy is dead but the christofascists will just claim it as THEIR victory.

I honestly think if Osama ever existed, he's been dead a long time by now. But yeah. Why couldn't shrubco find him? Did we even know the name Zarqawi in 2001? Or has this madministration managed to slide him into OBL's place so that when they killed him they could get their political points?

Yes. Tinfoil hat is securely hugging my ears today.

We be all over this here, here and here.

Big deal. His death won't mean anything beyond good PR.

What do you say we break out the Victory Gin right about now?

The real news is who in al Zarqawi's circle is going to be $25 million dollars richer. (The Iraqi Prime Minister announced that the money would be paid out.) And will that money be used to aid the insurgency within Iraq or al Qaeda in Somalia?

I have my own take on the story complete with a visual that I think compliments the story. Of course, it will probably go misunerestimated.

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