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June 24, 2006


RE: Michelle Malkin's analogy - if we photoshop Hitler's face on every image of Bush, maybe everyone will wake up to the truth that we've got a dangerous dictator holding the entire country hostage.

Not MORTAL MORTAL danger! Have to dive back under the covers.

DICTATOR, one step at a time (but the steps are getting quicker).

Alltogether now... KILL the MESSENGER!

Excellent work! Thanks for exposing these morons with a spotlight.

I share Miss Cellania sentiments, excellent work!

Captain's Quarters quote kills me!

WOw. You must feel uber-dirty after wading through all that shit. Hope you were wearing your hip boots.

It is absolutely surreal this constipated dump of doublespeak rightwing communists. Unreal. We have people going to jail for speaking at city council meetings and putting up anti-bush posters, yet we have dozens of communists posing as conservatives threatening people and newspapers with terrorist acts. 7 guys in Miami get arrested for being terrorists because they "pledged to Al Qaeda" thanks to a cointel FBI entraper. YEt here we have people writing down actual bomb threats and nothing is done.

Everything is under control, Dear leader says, "as long as we run the Congress and occupy the White House." This man lies reflexively, and on the rare occasion hear the truth it is chilling.

The government knows what brand of toothpaste you buy at the supermarket. Only buy 100%-American brand Victory Toothpaste!

Sometimes I feel catapulted with the propaganda - and neither of us has a net.

Wow, you put a lot of work into this. The drinks are on me!

I love the spy vs spy cartoon because that says it all. Sort of clusterfuck spy-arama, and all on our dime.

It's nice to see such a difference of opinion on the right....

>>It's nice to see such a difference of opinion on the right....>>

Yeah, and on this blog, too. Oh, wait....

I'm sure glad someone has the stomach to keep tabs of the rightside of the blogosphere. I can't keep my lunch, or my blood pressure, down long enough to make it though a paragraph. I want to stay healthy a long time so to continue voting against all things rethuglican.

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