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June 19, 2006


To be fair to Bush, he probably just doesn't give a shit about Iraqis killing each other.

Iraqis don't trust their democratically-elected leaders?


Now they really are the 51st State!

I see we went too far in supplying them with barricades. As my blind friends say, "Never underestimate the power of a traffic cone."

Is it a Civil War yet?

I just KNEW something dire came up to send the shrub rushing over there. And of course, every time he says Iraq is doing well you can bet on the opposite. So now we just have proof that he skedaddled his ass up to the podium to convince everyone things are going great before they have a chance to quesiton him. Same ol' tactics they usually use, except this time they didn't trot out cheney. Maybe since he shot a guy in the face, that's no longer a good idea?

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