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June 02, 2006


Did they skip the memo about classes ending and summer break? Because they're supposed to be out painting and roofing for their uncles' businesses and getting high school girls in a family way this week. They're a little off-schedule, if you know what I mean...

Snowcones, eh? At least they're not out date-raping and gay bashing or vice versa.

What a flock of weasels.

When, oh when, is the Draft going to be resurrected?

Maybe they can drop those snowcones down their pants and chill out their Bush-issue war codpieces.

Yo, Repubs -- Trust Entropy. Entropy always wins. For those of you who flunked freshman physics, this means that while you can move heat around, and temporarily create some cold places (like snowcones and walk-in freezers), you have to make more heat in order to move the heat out of the places you want to make cold. End result? MORE HEAT THAN YOU STARTED WITH!

The more snowcones you make, the more heat you make doing it. Have a side of global warming with that snowcone, fool.

Man my head hurts from having to witness so much stupid.

I call these chickenhawk idiots BAGS. Basic American Guys. BAGS.

They better hope their offspring come equipped with gills...

There's pride in stupidity in this country. Why the hell are the college Republicans so pissed off about when it comes to global warming anyway? What aspect of their pathetic lives are they trying to protect? Why are those who care about the environment so vilified? How do they get whipped up in such an anti-environmental frenzy? Oklahoma, of all places. Not exactly known for its great institutions of learning.

What sucks most about global warming is we won't be around to gloat when we're proven right! That really REALLY gets to me....

maybe, just maybe this was to provide for intelligent discussion on a topic that you tree huggers won't even conceive anyone having a difference in opinion because it validates you on environmental issues. Fact: not every scientist believes global warming is our fault (to include meteorologists). Oh wait! Whats just accross the street from OU's campus??? The National Weather Service in Norman full of meteorologists who believe global warming is our fault, and also full of ones who don't. Fact: Earth has gone through heating and cooling cycles before. Prove me wrong. Anybody.
I'll admit that a minority of scientists believe in what I'm describing, but then again, I thought liberals stood up for minorities? But the truth comes out, no debate, liberals just don't want dialog.

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