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June 26, 2006


Great post on yet another Bushland idiot...now if we could just have the Exit of Evil pushed harder by THREE papers on a regular basis ?....(maybe Frum doesn't acknowledge a West Coast-but LA Times has been doing a good job for years while NYT tanked in their own journalistic duties)....I do love the way "grammer" was used to diagnose guilt...unreal- but so classic neocon.....

Now he’s a “fellow” at AEI.

For he's a jolly bad "fellow",
For he's a jolly bad "fellow",
For he's a jolly bad "fellow",
Which nobody can deny.

When are people gonna tire of Bushco attacking a newspaper for telling people what they undoubtedly already know?

In terrorism, organized crime, arms dealing and drug trafficking the government has often said they are "following the money". How the hell else would they do it?

I seriously doubt your sending $200 to an uncle in Iran shows on the radar.

However, knowing the details of the $200 transfer exist in a government database is something you should know. Its your business and none of the government's business.

Now he’s a “fellow” at AEI.

AEI? Axis of Evil Incorporated?

Isn't Frum the founding member of the Axis of Weasels?

Mr. Frum definitely needs the biggest time-out in the history of time-outs.

Just more trash on the highway to hell. Kick it to the side.

Got 'em. AGAIN!

And really, so what?

How many times will this naziesque regime have to be outed for blatant illegalities and "end runs" around the Constitution before justice clamps onto their collective asses and not let go?

Who's big enough to stand against this crew? Congress throws out a feeble "outrage" everyone once in a while. Fitzgerald just can't "reach the top". The Supremes? HA!HA!

Plamegate and the Downing Street memos fade and disappear. Telephone spying and internet surfing spying with corporate complicity is all but forgotten. 9/11 and the PDB- what's that?

Republican scandal after scandal after scandal...

Taxation without representation seems like such a small thing.

I need a new word for frustration. Deluxe.

I for one am glad to see this go this way!

The President and Cheney may think their power is unlimited in it's reach, but fuck with a powerful newspaper and you will get the short end of the stick!

Nixon tried to declare newspapers the enemy too.

And they gave him what he deserves.

I think this too will only rachet up the contempt of the media for this President and his dictorial tendancies.

He has no idea what it feels like to have the media hold him in check, but I think he may be about to find out!

Freedom of the press is the founding freedom that makes our democracy great. Almost all Americans are in touch with this reality. Hopefully the media remembers it's roll before it's too late.

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