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June 01, 2006


You better run all day
And run all night.
Keep your dirty feelings
Deep inside.

How fucking horrific.

Exporting all that democracy was a rip-roaring success! Wait - just the ripping and roaring part. Yeah, that's worked out well for the amateur killers who've taken this opportunity to turn pro.

"Sexual Cleansing" is my favorite Marvin Gaye song.

In case you missed it, the GOP is resurrecting their favorite Constitutional Amendment next month.


Nothing like forcing the Democrats to vote for something that has no chance of passing to fire up the fundies! "If Democrats take over, the theme song from Queer Eye will replace the Star-Spangled Banner as the national anthem!"

Awesome, Tony! While we're at it we should ban flag burning and condoms too.

After the amendment is passed, do you think they'll start with Cheney's daughter?

Probably won't go after Cheney's daughter as the law does not apply to them (the super rich and powerful). Or if it does/did, not like anyone has any power to do anything about it (as if there was an oposition party...)

Blogenfreude, you are a genius! You have provided all parties involved in Iraq, including the US government with a jumping off point that could lead to some serious negotiations. What a better way to work out your tribal and religious differences than by rounding up and killing all the homosexuals.

I guess gays in this country should be thankful that all Bush wants to do is not let them marry.

I guess gays in this country should be thankful that all Bush wants to do is not let them marry.

Oh, he wants to kill them, but only if they're retarded.

Unmarried gay retards? That's like hitting the trifecta at Belmont!

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