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June 12, 2006


PREPARE TO ASSIMILATE. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. All your votes are belong to us.

Even if Kerry had won Ohio, he would have lost the popular vote bu taken the electoral college. Expecting this system to be fixed by 2008 is ludicrous. I guess we can all anticipate President McCain...

Does everyone have a passport? Thanks to Sesame Street, we know that if we can't put Mr. Blackwell and his ilk *inside* the Big House, we might have to go *outside* our own borders - begging the question: will Blogenfreude will look great in lederhosen?

will Blogenfreude will look great in lederhosen?

No. That's why I'm thinking Italy.

Unfortunately, the NYTimes and others may bleat about the election, but they won't push for real action. And even if we got a do-over, Kerry would spend all his time cleaning up W's mess. Of course, I'd rather that cleanup start now than waiting another three years while things just get worse.

Ever think of taking up bull fighting? Fairly dangerous occupation but it beats the shit out of spending the rest of your life in one of the new, exclusive Halliburton Hiltons by the desert. You might die in the dust of the afternoon but you would do it as a man and not on your knees. Or you could take up Flamenco singing. Lots of good looking birds in that line of work. Have to hang out in smoke filled bars a lot though.

But whatever, get out now because these bastards ain't gonna wait till after the Nov. elections.

Ever think of taking up bull fighting?

Same problem as Tata's suggestion - silly looking pants.

I'd probably move to Ireland if a President McCain happened. I don't think they make you wear funny pants there, except if you fall asleep in the pub.

Funny pants beat the orange jumpsuit hands down - I mean, except for flare-leg capri pants. Dear God, have designers no fear of war crimes courts?

Some of us are preparing our six pointed yellow stars to sew onto our clothing. Seriously, we can all make light of this, but I believe the administration will do away with even the process of fair elections before 2008 -- and the cause will be the War on Terrorism. Dissenters will probably be "disappeared."

I'm a believer in Civil Disobedience. I'm also a believer in crossing borders if it comes to that.

Well, I ain't leaving unless I win the lottery or something

will Blogenfreude will look great in lederhosen?

We're going to Italy or England if worse comes to worst--the boys have EU passports and the languages shouldn't pose any problems. Plus, the only weird English outfits I can think of are the ones worn by Beefeaters and the Palace Guard.

London seriously rocks! And Napoli...mmmm...me so hungry.

Grumpy Old Man, we'll probably holiday in Spain, just like every other Brit. So save a few bottles of Rioja for me. I'll probably need them after travelling with all these boyz.

Ya need a serious travel agent.

I wish everyone would stop being such Negative Nellys: at least we get to vote! It may not be for the person of your choosing, but you get to push the pretty buttons....

Ya need a serious travel agent.

I'm thinking more along the lines of Bekins. If Jeb ever wins, I'm leaving, and I mean it.

It gets better worse. Blackwell owns stock in Diebold and got a $50,000 political contribution from a "Diebold operative". lol!!!1!!

All this while Blackwell was in charge of Bush's re-election campaign in Ohio.

BF, if Jeb wins, it's too late. I hate to tell you.

How typically Democrat to threaten to "cut and run" from this great country should an election not go in one's favor. England? Ireland? Germany? Italy? Having lived in 3 of those countries, I can assure you that not one of them has the balls to blatantly rig an election so that the ignorant electorate doesn't make a mistake it will later regret. Really, do you really want to live in a land that cares so little about its people?

Ever think of taking up bull fighting?

Same problem as Tata's suggestion - silly looking pants.

Huh? They wear pants while bullfighting????

Fucking Mexicans...my gashes STILL haven't healed....

"while things just get worse."

In what way?

Wow! liberals talking about crossing borders, going to Ireland, Italy, Germany! Is it really that bad here? If so, I can think of some Republican groups that would probably provide you with a one way ticket!

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