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June 22, 2006


What keeps your cerebellum on the inside when you read these bombshell analyses?

Rick is just doing The Full Monty

i want to join in and commend you for doing the scut work. i am a regular reader of buckley (i dig his elegant writing style and remember fondly the old PBS debates he used to host) and victor davis hanson (i'm an old student of his, but that was classics, not politics) but most of the the bloggers for the right are noxious. bravo and stuff.

Bravo? If you can't get your facts right, how on Earth do you expect anyone to believe you? You say in your first paragraph that WMDs were "the first of many reasons we invaded Iraq."

It was not the first. In fact, WMDs were the primary reason used before the UN General Assembly and the Security Council, but it was one of the last reasons put before the American people. The President has been outlining Hussein's penchant for genocide and his open and active support for international terrorists well before he said anything about his daily violations of UN resolutions, including a cease-fire.

Your "criticism" of me is also of-base. I did not contend that Mahablog was "stupid". I said that she wrongly attributed her money quote to the wrong place and that she's using snark in place of knowledge.

Much like you did in this post.

Your "criticism" of me is also of-base.

Perhaps, but I got a C&L link today - your traffic will go through the roof!

... she's using snark in place of knowledge.

Much like you did in this post.

Snark at a blog called AGITPROP? How could that happen?

You deserve a medal for wading through all that toxic waste.

You deserve a medal for wading through all that toxic waste.

If Atrios or Kos links me up, we'll call it even.

Will you still talk to us if that happens?

Will you still talk to us if that happens?

Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup ...

Is it Thanksgiving or - OH NO! It's the giant head of Blogenfreude floating down Broadway! Take cover!

I want to commend you for your diligence in reviewing all those sycophants for Bush blogs.

On another note, it is efforts like this that will lead O'Reilly to place you on his list. Well, that is when he remembers that he has a list that you should be foisted upon.

Stop hating America or we will drown you in Victory Gin. Hooray we found the WMDs!!!

OMG! I'd need serious therapy (more than I get now) if I'd read so many winger sites. You have great courage and stamina.


God bless you people for doing the work, so we don't have to.

What planet do you live on? WMD was one of two reasons Bushie put forth in persuading the American people to go to war. WMD and Hussein's "support" for al Qaeda. The other 23 or so reasons only came AFTER the attack and the administration KNEW there were no WMD.

Oh my goodness, enjoy that much-deserved hot shower, my dear.

And to those wingnut morons who still support the war, and still think there is a link between Saddam and Al-Qaida and/or that there ever were real WMD's in Iraq, and actually stand by Loserville-bound Rick Santorum's desperate Hail Mary attempt and Rummy's "I'll go along because I truly don't give a shit--I have fucking job security PLUS, bitchez!" posturing, I say:


(Love the water pistol, by the way.)

Oh, c'mon. Everybody knows that the reason we went to war in Iraq had nothing to do with WMDs. It's entirely, completely and utterly about world domination and lining the pockets of the Texas Oil Barons. But if you want any WMDs I am sure that Martha Stewart knows how to build a personal-sized thermo-nuclear device that would fit nicely into a shopping cart, and would be decorated perfectly.

Hey - I know I'm a little guy compared to some of the names you listed but I think it only fair that I be included in the list of right-wing websites. - Bush didn't lie and this stuff that was found is not harmless. - prying1 -

P.S. Paste-eaters? Whats wrong with eating paste? It's just flour and water. Lets see any 'progressives' lick something out of one of the WMD's that were found.

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