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June 21, 2006


How thick is it?

My dad's hemmorhoids are acting up and they asked me to get something to support his butt.

I love comicbooks. Who's the illustrator?

Will it outsell Mary Cheney's book?

I think that's the same painting on the cover of my copy of "Democracy in America".

I think that's the same painting on the cover of my copy of "Democracy in America".

Art plagiarism ... hmmm.

Hey, they finally came up with a WMD! One you could use to level your table saw...

Chapter 1: The White Man’s Burden: Feed the Rich, Kill The Poor

Chapter 2: God Bless America! (Why The Rest of the World is Under Satan's Dominion)

Chapter 3: How to Fight and Defeat the Secular Liberal Agenda

Chapter 4: How to Fight and Defeat the Homosexual Transgender Agenda

Chapter 5: Tribute: A Salute to our Forefathers Robert E. Lee, Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond

Chapter 6: How to Build Fences and Alienate Neighbors

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