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June 29, 2006


These sycpophants for Bush who are calling the NY Times editors/authors (sans the others who were leaked the story to spoil the NY Times exclusive) to be tried for treason are obviously in meltdown mode...and now that the Supreme Court has ruled against Bush they will have another enemy of the state to attack.

I predict tinfoil helmets will be replaced in Freeper fall fashion by complete fishtank diver suits. Which ain't waterproof no how, but try telling that to folks who spend all day plugging their ears to science and common decency. After the gurgling, all is silence.

Then, we tango!

They may be in line but the line looks crooked to me.

I think reporters who do significant damage to national security should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law...and I'll tell Judith Miller that next time I see her.

I don't know how you wade through all that w/out upchucking. Ugh.

What is super funny is that this story was already reported and just fizzled in the news.

Have you seen the Atlas Shrugs video blog? She makes Michelle Malkin look comatose.

Good god, you're right...that is sick and horrifying and funny, in a sick and horrifying way.

This from Keith Olbermann on last night's show:

Good evening from New York.

Republicans in the House are drafting a resolution to condemn “The New York Times.” Republicans in the Senate are insisting on an investigation of “The New York Times.” The villagers are lighting their torches and knotting their ropes, because “The Times” revealed the secret terrorist financing tracking program, bank-tapping.

There‘s one snag. The secret terrorist financing tracking program may not have been a secret, not if there was a Web site and a magazine devoted to it.

Our fifth story on the COUNTDOWN tonight, your tax dollars in action.

On Monday, you will recall, President Bush said it was “disgraceful” that “The Times” and two other media outlets had reported that the administration was monitoring international financial transactions handled by something called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Communications, SWIFT for short, Mr. Bush continuing the drumbeat in St. Louis last tonight, White House press secretary Tony Snow charging yesterday, quote, “I am absolutely sure they,” “they” being terrorists, “did not know about SWIFT.”

The only problem, SWIFT is about as clandestine a banking organization as Wachovia. Exhibit A, any terrorist with an Internet connection able to access SWIFT‘s own Web site, no password needed, no secret handshake required. On the site, SWIFT perfectly willing to let everyone know what it is doing.

Quote, “Cooperating in the global fight against abuse of the financial system for illegal activities.”

Exhibit B, SWIFT, the magazine, called “Dialogue.” It is the voice of the SWIFT community, it says.

Finally, exhibit C, the most perplexing voice of all, the president himself, who has never made a secret of his desire to secretly track down terrorists by secretly following the secret money.

They just need a swift kick in the ass.

the junta loves East German Stasi style governance

Why do right-wingers loooove Nazi analogies?

Their true colors, when shown, are harsh to the eye.

I did see an Atlas video blog entry once. Chilling, indeed. She is scarier than Malkin, and up until I saw her crazy ass, I didn't think that was possible.

Litbrit, I was going to post that exact Olbermann transcript, but got lazy, so thanks for doing it.

This whole fucking thing is getting fucking frustrating.

Bush disclosed his own fucking banking program just after 9/11!

Doesn't that make HIM the traitor??

The woman at Atlas is out of her freakin' gourd...amphetamine psychosis per chance?

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