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July 24, 2006


Somebody's llllllllllurking!

Full Cast and Crew for
Beowulf (2007)

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Directed by
Robert Zemeckis

Writing credits
Neil Gaiman (screenplay) &
Roger Avary (screenplay)

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Sharisse Baker-Bernard .... Hild
Richard Burns .... Sentry Guard/Unferth Guard
Chris Coppola .... Olaf
Shay Duffin
Greg Ellis .... Garmund
Sonje Fortag .... Gitte
Brendan Gleeson
Crispin Glover .... Grendel
Leslie Harter Zemeckis .... Yrsa
Anthony Hopkins .... King Hrothgar
Nick Jameson .... Drehgbearn
Emily Johnson .... Maiden #12
Angelina Jolie .... Grendel's Mother (voice)
Dominic Keating .... Old Cain
John Littlefield .... Thane #23
Alison Lohman .... (voice)
Chris Mala .... Thane #5
John Malkovich .... Unferth
Alan Ritchson .... Animated Image/Beowulf
Sebastian Roché .... Wulfgar
Charlotte Salt .... Estrith
Woody Schultz .... Hengest
Randy Shelly .... Boy
Tyler Steelman .... Young Cain
Nadine Stenovitch .... Ensemble
Aaron Stephens .... Beowulf physique
Tim Trobec .... Thane #1
Jared Weber .... Thane #3
Tom West .... Thane #44
Ray Winstone .... Beowulf
Robin Wright Penn .... Queen Wealhtheow
Rik Young .... Eofor

Produced by
Roger Avary .... executive producer
Steve Bing .... producer
Steven J. Boyd .... co-producer
Neil Gaiman .... executive producer
Josh McLaglen .... associate producer
Jack Rapke .... producer
Roger Roberts .... executive producer
Martin Shafer .... executive producer
Steve Starkey .... producer
Peter M. Tobyansen .... line producer
Robert Zemeckis .... producer

Hey, American Thinker guys? "Christian" does not equal "brutal". According to W & co., the US is a Christian nation. It would be nice if we actually followed some of the tenets of the faith. You know, blessed are the peacemakers? Take care of the widow and the orphan? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

Murad, thanks for the heads up, but maybe just a snippet next time? By the way, they're REmaking Beowulf? The Christopher Lambert version wasn't good enough????

I wonder if shit-for-brains at AT realizes just how long it really took to take out the Cathars, seeing as the Knights Templar ended up being an offspring of this particular sect...

I always root for the Gnostics in the "Flaming Heretics" Betting Pool - though the Hugenots are looking mighty good this season.


Nah, the smart money is on the Zoroastrians, who, altho not technically a Christian cult, have to have one last death throe on their way out the door...

Oh...and Freude? Put down the mouse and step away from AmericanThinker....

what's with all the Beowulf comments? is the American Thinker into Anglo-Saxon epic poems?

Somebody's Lllllllurrrrrrrrrking AND obsessed with Beowulf!

Wiping a religion from the face of the earth? And he calls himself an American thinker?

It's pretty obvious that the folks over at Thinker are unfamiliar with a simple Google search. If they had taken the time they might have concluded that using the Cathars as an example for easily wiping out a religious splinter sets the bar extremely high. I don't doubt that there are Cathars hanging out in France today just waiting for their chance.

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