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July 13, 2006


Dye my hair blond and find a publisher to fellate? - I MEAN, get my own book deal, retype her books and get the fundies to give me millions I divert to the Miss Manners Pundit Obedience Training and Finishing School?

Ann Coulture does not appear in my world.

Maybe we should stop talking about her, and pretend nobody knows what or who she is...

Given how skeletal she looks -- I mean, the TV camera is supposed to add ten pounds, and she looks like a walking cadaver -- we may not have to put up with her much longer. She'll end up in the hospital being forcefed by doctors who want her to get within spitting distance of normal weight. I guess spewing all that venom must burn lots of calories.

No, really. Why don't we retype her books and peddle them down the street? If her plagiarism is nothing then outright stealing must be okay.

Show us the money!

No matter what her publishers do she has already made millions, so she won't be hurt. I want to know just what kind of asshole would want to read her filth. Shouldn't they be fined for buying stolen property?

Now she's advocating firing squad for Keller (via Media Matters) Live by the sword, die by..etc., babycakes.

She needs to be called babycakes more often, that clearly ticks her off.

So the question is, do moonbat libs have enough self control to post on something other than Ann Coulter today?

I guess not. And those are MY words. Completely. Ask my publisher.

AT least she got dropped from one paper today. That's a *slight* bit o' progress. Maybe it'll steamroll. A girl can hope, anyway.

Minimal matching text? Oooh, good one. It has that enhanced interrogation techniques ring to it.

I find the cowardice of Coulter's press sickening. Uh oh. Does this mean I hate her for her freedoms?

I blame Disney. I mean doesn't she seem like some anamatronic caricature of a Republican?

Let's give her the Coulter shoulder! M

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