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July 24, 2006


Gosh, yes, the Lebanese people should be so grateful that we're helping Israel destroy their country. Sort of like if Mexico decided to hit back at the crazy Minutemen on the border but ended up taking out New Mexico and Arizona.

The ration of Victory Gin will be raised from 8 oz. to 6 oz.

WTF? Do they think we are that stupid? Okay do they think all of us are that stupid?

Yes, P.O.P., they do. Up is down, if the chimp says so. Murkins aren't supposed to figure that out.

BTW, I've been reading that the Israelis are using white phosphorus and I saw some of the corpses... pretty horrific. All this over 2 soldiers? PLEASE.

Dropping Bombs for peace is like Fucking for Virginity...period...

It doesn't matter how many people die because the Rapture is coming soon to take them away!

Helen, I heard the same thing, and it made me nauseated. If they're really doing that, it's just blatant cruelty.

The ration of Victory Gin will be raised from 6 oz to 5 oz.

We had to burn the village in order to save it.

riffing on culture ghost i cite fagin from "oliver twist"

fagin to one of the urchins:

"shut up and drink your gin!"

Next Gigot will show us how genocide is good
for the people targeted.

I'm raising polecats for peace...

Yep and now they've blown up 4 UN observers. Goddamn! Horrific!

I've been successful in my search for WMDs! (Weapons of Masturbatory Destruction, that is!)

[There haven't been any terrist attaks since I found them, so that proves that my efforts in keeping Merka safe have been effective!]

I'm waiting for Cheney to tell me that the Lebanese will greet us as liberators with flowers and chocolates...and then Wolfie can tell us how the oil profits will pretty much pay the costs! Can I have more koolaid, please?

I don't know why you can't see logic in this. Using this same path, the next step is to supply Hezbollah with even smarter bombs, and planes from which to drop them, not to mention pilot training, logistic and ground support, and spares. Then Israel will not be able to fly over Lebanon with impunity, fearless of repercussion. Think how many more lives that'll save!! And American arms dealers will grow richer!! Evvabody wins!!

This is rich.
Gigot...what a punk.
Why do they reference these idiots?
I used to see gigi on "this week." He is such a pathetic pussy.

I'm going to kill a balded eagle to save it.

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