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July 28, 2006


Terry Schiavo is alive!

Weird Science.

I wonder if he'll front Terry Schiavo's name for the next Iraqi PM?

Did he get his medical degree from a Bible college?

Bob Jones?

So, has Frist been to Iraq, like the other congresscritters who have all come back scared shitless?

I am pleased to know that if this politics pipedream doesn't work out for young Mr. Frist he always has that training as an infomercial psychic to fall back on.

I doubt Frist has been to Iraq. He seems like the frightened chickenhawk type. They wouldn't get near Iraq if you paid them. Maybe that's really why he used to kill defenseless kitties... not for scientific experiment (as any garden-variety sociopath will claim), but so he could feel all big 'n' brave.

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