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July 31, 2006


I love the sneeze guard you installed at the Reasons to Love Lamont Salad Bar. Oooh! Garbanzos!

The Kiss said it all, indeed. Get a room, already!

MY seat! Mine! Mine!

You know, he's so softspoken, you just know that when he stamps his teeny dwarfish feet, he sounds just like Robin Williams imitating a three year old...

someone get the man some ex-lax!

Joe will lose because he's insufferable.

Thank you. It really shows how good a Democrat he is, and how much he respects his constituency, that he doesn't give a fuck how the primary turns out.

bush's favorite "Democrat" is going down.

I just watched Ned on The Colbert Report. I'd never seen/heard him speak before, and I was very impressed. He has a certain rapidfire delivery that some might have trouble keeping up with, but wow, does he have some zingers down cold when it comes to the clown-car that is the Bush Administration.

CT isn't my home state, but I'd love to see that two-faced Holy Joe go down in flames. I thought ill of him when he voted for the war; I became ill when he said rape victims who wind up in certain anti-choice hospitals for their rape exams could "simply take a short trip to another hospital" to get vital emergency birth control.

As far as I'm concerned, he can jump in the clown car and ride it right over the cliff with the rest of them. Seeya!

Not to mention he co-sponsored the Rave Act. Worst. Democrat. Ever.

I think it is a big damn deal for anyone to still support the bs reasons for going into this war. A shit load of deaths have resultecd from that terrible deadly decision.
To hell with him!

Well said! Hey, ho ho! Joe has got to go!

(why Clinton is now campaigning for Lieberman is inexplicable).

Maeven at >The Constant American has a good screed on that.

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