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July 27, 2006


It's amazing how many short piers one can take a long walk off of - and me without my swimmies!

Atlas Shrugs - if you look at Beirut from waaaay up in the air it really doesn't look so bad.

Especially if you use a cartoon map.

Say, I recall that trick was used in a Bugs Bunny cartoon once...

I'm still baffled at the name Protein Wisdom. In the fashion world, a protein stain is considered something truly icky. You wouldn't want it on your best Armani trousers.

So what is he getting at--that all posts must have lots of protein references in them, i.e. eggs? Or, that people who shun meat are somehow un-wise? From what I understand, too much protein puts a serious strain on the kidneys. Which would make one a piss-poor human.

Now there's a crew! What a freakin' lineup.

Love that picture Blogenfreude!

Assrocket makes a good point. If President Bush was consistent in his view that "murder is wrong" regarding blastocyst-Americans, he would outlaw all embryonic research. He would also ban fertility clinics, since over 80% of the embryos created in these clinics are destroyed.

Atlas is always good for a laugh, and Jeff Goldstein needs to lay off the Pat Robertson protein shakes.

Love that picture Blogenfreude!

Comandante Agi made it to order ... he's a bleedin' genius!

Oy dat.

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For the punk group, see The Lurkers

It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with Lurk (internet forums). (Discuss)

In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, chatroom or other interactive system, but rarely participates.

* 1 History
* 2 Malevolent lurkers
* 3 Benign lurkers
* 4 Constructive lurkers
* 5 Smart-Ass lurkers
* 6 Pop Culture


There is an email archiving tool (http://lurker.sourceforge.net) of the same name.

A singer/songwriter project from Germany named itself "200 Lurkers" (http://www.200lurkers.com)
Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lurker"

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Beowulf History
by Phil Merkey

In late 1993, Donald Becker and Thomas Sterling began sketching the outline of a commodity-based cluster system designed as a cost-effective alternative to large supercomputers. In early 1994, working at CESDIS under the sponsorship of the HPCC/ESS project, the Beowulf Project was started.

The initial prototype was a cluster computer consisting of 16 DX4 processors connected by channel bonded Ethernet. The machine was an instant success and their idea of providing COTS (Commodity Off The Shelf) based systems to satisfy specific computational requirements quickly spread through NASA and into the academic and research communities.

Some of the major accomplishments of the Beowulf Project will be chronicled below, but a non-technical measure of success is the observation that researchers within the High Performance Computer community now refer to such machines as "Beowulf Class Cluster Computers." Beowulf clusters are now recognized as genre within the HPC community.


The future of the Beowulf project will be determined collectively by the individuals and organizations contributing to the Beowulf project and by the future of mass-market COTS. As microprocessor technology continues to evolve, higher speed networks become cost-effective, and more application developers move to parallel platforms, the Beowulf project will continue to advance.


In line with the WTF’s ongoing reform programs, the General Assembly approved a package of proposals for amendments to the WTF Rules and Regulations and the WTF Competition Rules.

Under the changed WTF Rules and Regulations, the term “regional” will be changed into “continental,” thus the regional unions shall be continental unions. Article 2.4 on Amateurism was also deleted.

[the rest of this rather lengthy comment was also deleted ... Typepad was crashing]


See what happens when you take in too much protein wisdom? I keep telling people, but noooooooo...

Might be time to ban his butt - or study Chaucer. But not both!

what a lot of work, Blogen. But I'd rather read you than Chaucer any day. xoxo

My,my, they all appear to be so testy. Perhaps it's the result of sitting on that knot in their bloomers.

Beowolf this early in the morning is too much to bear. But on the Global Warming thing, Helen Wheels posted about how Exxon is paying people $100,000 per pop to talk against Global Warming. I happily volunteered, as I could use the scratch for upcoming travel plans. So here goes: Hey, there's no such thing as global warming, we have Air Conditioning at my office. Hey, there's no such thing as global warming, because we still get winter. Hey, there's no such thing as global warming, because if there were, we'd all have sun tans, and I'm really pale. Doesn't this qualify for $100,000? Purty impressive, if I do say so myownself.

We appreciate your swimming around in the cesspool and bringing up these treasures, but you can stop now. We get the point and it's bad for your health.

I'm still baffled at the name Protein Wisdom. In the fashion world, a protein stain is considered something truly icky. You wouldn't want it on your best Armani trousers.


Oh dear...how to put this delicately to someone I'm fond of and admire...and a woman to boot. (Not that I don't respect all women, mind you, just the intergender thing makes this a bit more embarassing for me)

Protein is also the main, er, ingredient of semen...

Oh, now I know who Murad really is!

Hell, I even have his personal information lying around somewhere...don't I, "Murad"?

You know me. You know who I am, and we've had run-ins before. Do you recall how quickly your boss shut you off when you were being a real pain?

Now stop it.

Oh, now I know who Murad really is!

Would someone please fill me in?

Blogen I don't know how you manage to wade through that much bullshit. Got hip boots?

That Atlas woman needs some Afranil or maybe just some quaaludes.

Actor 212's right about the "protein."

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