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July 04, 2006


What delusional freaks.

The stupidity of these wingnut blogs' frothing-at-the-mouth authors never fails to astound and amuse.

Happy 4th, Blogenfreude! Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Cheers to all.

*boom* *whooooosh* *boom* *crackle, crackle, whooooosh* *BOOM!*

HW - you should read the Malkin link - perfect example of being hoist on one's own petard ... it's classic.

I took the stupid poll at NewsMax and passed on the offer to get Coulter's book for $4.99. I don't think I could sleep at night with that piece of trash here.

I feel so much better knowing where Angelo "Rocco" DiPippo lives.

I feel better knowing that treasonous, vitriolic reichwingers are being hoist on their own petard.

Not a lot better, but better.

The agita was manufactured, of course. What bothers me is how long it took before anyone at the White House (and this includes the Secret Service) offered up the truth. It’s almost as if they wanted the photographer and his family threatened and killed - which is, of course the real intention. But Bush and his baby terrorists should be very careful of the mad dogs they turn loose upon supposed enemies. Animals like that are notoriously hard to control. If they don't watch out - they will be the ones getting bit.


As a run up to next Monday's "massive" *koffkoff* demonstration outside the New York Times HQ, the FReepers got a gathering of their horde in front of the DC bureau of the Times.

Matt Stoller posted photos...wow. I'm so impressed! I bet you could maybe fill a Hyundai Sonata with that horde and have a small FReeper or two left over!

What about the rabid chick at "Atlas Is Not Taking Her Meds"?

Ever since I watched "History's Worst Jobs" on the History Channel, I can't hear the phrase "hoisted on their own petard" without thinking of the Black Adder Elizabethan series. It's a strange train of thought to ride.

Also - I think I might take a vow not to read Malkin ever again, unless I hear that she's talking about *me*. I think my brain might like the vacation.

I completely agree with TFLS: the administration will not be happy until the photographer & his family are rounded up and killed. But better a team of idiot vigilantes do the damage so that the White House residents can go "tsk tsk" and fish in their lake.

Was it wrong of me to mail-order Mr. Bush birthday pretzels?

Who doesn't love a good pretzel?

Jeez it was hard to slog thru the malkin marsh just to get to the good nuggets. What a bizarre nutjob she is. I wonder if she's on the same shit as Atlas?

If France wins the World Cup will the wingers' heads explode?

Steve Audio has an email exchange with David Horowitz about it. Amusing reading about those zany wingnuts.

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