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August 21, 2006


Mr. blogenfreude, someone should crank up the craft meter and needlepoint up a set of Middle East Misadventure throw pillows and crochet kickass doilies. I'd fall on this grenade but I'm knitting an exit strategy in the DeFarge tradition of domestic regime change.

Oh, my fingers, they do fly!

You... you... aren't seriously suggesting they're making shit up?

And we won't be leaving Iraq as long as W's president (W, today). Impeach the bastard!

Yup. Lies and more lies. And never called on any of 'em!

So when they start making up stuff about Iran, the smart money'll be on more lies.

My personal favorite: "And a year from now, I’ll be very surprised if there is not some grand square in Baghdad that is named after President Bush."

What is Richard Perle smoking?

Just a reminder, wear your Glen Reynolds signature edition pampers tomorrow:

Is Tomorrow Doomsday?

Purple Fingers!!!! 8 Million Voted!!!! Freedom and Democracy are On the March!!!

Ya gotta stay with the lines, dontcha know.

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