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August 22, 2006


We can't leave Iraq. That's not part of the plan!

Maybe Buchanan has given up, but some Kulturpanzers never quit!

How many days until Bill O'Reilly cranks up the Liberal Secular Humanist Atheist Pro-Terrorist Jewboy War on Xmas? It's become one of my favorite holiday institutions, like feeling my blood freeze and my soul shrivel when "The Little Drummer Boy" oozes out of the ceiling at the mall.

The only way the soldiers are allowed to leave Iraq is in caskets. We may be losing but by god we'll keep killing people and getting killed until somebody runs out of people to be killed.

dude, you are way too hung up on thinking, cuz that is dangerous for untrained politicians & small children, but i repeat myself....

I admit that I'm completely sick and fucking tired of this!

Only 881 days to go...

Unlike Lieberman, Buchanan can take a hint.

Did you see the YouTube of the bumbleshrub all defensive and idiotic at my blog? It's pretty funny/frightening.

Rove musta crapped his tidy whities when he heard the shrub's admission! Jeeeez.

Damn! Am I the only one who refuses to cut and run these days?!? Thank God for Dick and Rummy!

"All political lives end in failure." Rather, all failure ends in political lives. Pat Pukecannon should know. MandT

Only 881 days to go...
Posted by: Fred | 08/22/2006 at 03:08 PM

Damn Fred! Did you use the word "only" intentionally? HA!HA!

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