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August 29, 2006


Oh, and he looks like such a MANLY man in his uniform.

God save us all from Shrubya.

he spent some of that war keeping the skies over Texas safe from the Viet Cong.

And even then, he stopped showing up after a while. The Vacationer in Chief was in early training for the presidency, one can only assume.


What kind of American civil servant vacations more than Germans?

Probably looking to open it up as a new market for corporate America to send more American jobs.

Didn't we stop fighting them over there? How come they didn't follow us over here?

So he's going on a fighter mission to Nam? Mother of God the last thing we need is more countries bombed...

And are you implying that Bush is somehow less pathetic than his fellow homo-pedo-bonesman John Forbes Kerry?

because that might be gratuitous...

Vietnam? I thought Dear Leader didn't talk to commmies.

Better late than never. Maybe he'll attend some Iraq soldiers funerals starting in 2040?

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