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August 04, 2006


Looks a tad bleak, no?
The screwer and chief has earned his title.

We should get out now. More deaths prove nothing.

But I heard dear leader just left for a vacation at his ranch. Can he tap out the military from Crawford? Just asking.

Get ready for the return of the draft. How else are they going to attack all those other nations that are just asking for it?

When Rumsfeld let out with that "goodness gracious", I so wanted to slap him. It was just full of, "You shouldn't worry your pretty little head about it, dear."

It sounds like Hagel's balls have shriveled up and his cock has shortened to a Dean.

jump on the love train with Atlas

join in! we'll bomb all the Muslim countries all around the world!

Comandante, why did you force me to watch that? My eyes, my eyes!

PURGE...that is the only answer..( and what I have to do after I watch the Scum speak)....great post.

She didn't look like an Atlas to me...but then I was too busy counting how many times she snapped her fingers.

I'd say we're looking at a couple of Bidens of misery in Iraq. Great post, tho.

WTF was that video? Atlas shrugged or Atlas drugged?

BTW, your post reminds me of another unusual unit of measure, called a smoot. A smoot is equal to 5 feet, seven inches, or the height of one Oliver Smoot.

In 1958, a bunch of MIT students decided to measure the distance of the Mass Ave. bridge between Boston and Cambridge, over the Charles River. I guess the didn't have a yardstick, so the used Smoot, by laying him down end over end across the bridge.

Turns out the bridge is exactly 364.4 smoots, plus one ear.

You could look it up.

And the Freedom Marching Band played on...

That would, in technical terms, be a year of Smoots, plus ear.

Let's see. The Decider has driven the USA to bankruptcy just AFTER the change in the bankruptcy laws, which probably doesn't affect a country anyway. People are demoralized. We're on a tightrope that's unravelling, and there ain't no net. We're so fucked.

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