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August 11, 2006


I'd never seen Sharansky drool....must not have seen many tits while he was in the gulag, cuz those tits do nothing. I can almost see the wrinkles and stretchmarks thru her T shirt...

It's too much. Save yourself.

I like how Sundries Shack reduces the big lie about WMD's, 2600 American soldiers dead, and a civil war to merely "toppling Saddam." Classic.

Funny to see them all scramble to shift the blame away from Bush and his kiss of death.

I do so appreciate these Friday's roundups. It's a such a time saver and besides, Atlas' tits give me nightmares.

Your grateful fan.

Atlas' tits give me nightmares.

Posted by: Libby

They just make me wretch, and I say that as a tit man...

Great Friday Roundup...you outdid yourself...stop by Watergate Summer...when you have time ( had my Blogday- saving you cake BF...)

I wish you had put the "we read the wingnut blogs so you don't have to" quote at the top, 'cause I read a bunch of them. I must say I enjoyed the Krauthammer (isn't great how some people are just born with the perfect name?) thingy; especially his comparison of 'flaccid' and 'muscular' foreign policy. And at least he uses a new-to-me reference in the obligitory 1939 analogy. As for Splenda™tits, you guys are so mean to pick on her.

I believe Spamela's Breasts are the IDF's new secret weapon against Hezbollah. However, they might be considered Weapons of Mass Distraction.

BF, I fear that your brain might explode by reading all those crackpot blogs - that would really be "taking one for the team" but I worry about you. I hope you remember to breathe, and breathe --

What Are WE?
watch this:


Do I have to visit these blogs? I can't and when did the cat let Actor212 in?

Ewwww. I dont' know how you do it. I thought the new talking point/swift boating line was "Progressive Dems are the New Taliban"

HAven't any of these wingnuts caught on yet? Talk about slow! It's been a whole newsday since the "Democratic Talibans" got coined by someone on some news show.

Oh and I just LOVE how the Technorati tags backfire at Atlas!! You're all over her posts! HILARIOUS!

Such intelligent people, the wingers. Makes me proud to be an idiot.

when did the cat let Actor212 in?

Posted by: Lizzy

I had to eat a little pussy to get out...

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