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August 19, 2006


We at Spurious George have yet to weigh in on this temporary, trifling decision, but rest assured that when we do, it will be with the proper amount of disdain.

My fav Freeper comment (because of its abject hideousness), after someone upthread had posted Judge Taylor's picture ala Malkin(she better watch her back now, eh?):

"Not to be terribly racist or sexist, but who would have guessed that the traitor in question would be a 2-fer on the affermative action scale?"

Wow... just: Wow.

I second Helen's Wow. When I read these great roundups, I can't help thinking that There but for the grace of god and common sense go I.

Debbie Schlussel reminds me of Ann Coulter. Maybe it's the blonde hair and the photo - or maybe it's the way she writes. But blaming the ACLU, right. I forgot - NOW the formerly "communist" ACLU is considered to be "fascist." I'm so confused.

I think the bonus question is a trick-they're all quotes! It's too bad that none of them actually read anything than each other (like, I don't know, maybe the Constitution?). Thanks for sparing me the anger headache of plowing through the mindsets of all these obviously deluded people!

I am constantly amazed that Agitprop has the fortitude to scan these cesspools for our entertainment. I won't even guess which is real this week but thanks for the gutter crawl...better you than me.

Dammit! You made me go through all these until I found the actual quote! (Is that cheating?) I used to sleep better at night knowing that these type of people really don't exist.It's Junkyard Blog (such an appropriate name for nothin' but trash)

I think the bonus question is a trick

No Jedi mind tricks here at Agitprop - and that's a promise.

The real entertainment is in reading the comments of the dipshit sheep.

Blogenfreude -
Thanks for all the work, nice job. According to your post, it doesn't look like there's any coherent discussion coming from the right on this subject. I think people are getting weary and wary of namecalling, which is all that that seems to be coming from the right. As far as I know, any help that the US did give had Fisa court clearance, making any statments Bush is making about needing more power totally bogus.


W/o reading any of the links or comments, I'd say the Junkyardblog was a quote.

It totally fits the "if you haven't done anything wrong, you don't have anything to worry about" mindset.

'Course, I'm late to this party. Did anyone get the bonus?

Gnarly cool! Is Lew correct? (I'm still too squeamish to check any of those links myself. Especially now that the money's won by Lew if true.)

Wow. It pretty clear that nobody here read Judge Diggs opinion. From a legal reasoning standpoint, it is as pathetic an opinion that has ever been rendered and it has no chance of survival upon appeal. Even if you like the outcome, Judge Diggs has not done anybody any favors by issuing this half-baked opinion, and she has thoroughly embarassed herself in the legal community.

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