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August 28, 2006


"...is he (Barney) something your kids should be watching?"

Not if you want them to grow up to love their country!

As I have stated before, Barney represents everything that's wrong with this country; public television, homosexuality (where is "Mrs. Barney,") simplistic music, unquestioned multi-ethnicity and the kind of "I'm OK, You're OK" mentality that means your kids will work for the Chinese!

Plus (and this can not be ignored) he's a FRIGGIN PURPLE DINOSAUR! WFT?!?

Lyons Group has a history of being almost as ligiteous as Scientology. My wife used to work for costume shop in Berkeley, and they were threatend with a lawsuit for renting out a purple dinosaur suit -- IF they called it a "Barney costume". Word went out in the theatrical world that spies were sent by Lyons to try to get a worker to say on the phone that their shop had a "Barney costume" available for rental. She and her co-workers were trained to NEVER say it was a "Barney costume". but that it was a "dinosaur costume that's purple". "But does it look like Barney?" the spies asked my wife. "I can't really say, sir", she would reply, "you'll have to come look at it and decide for yourself if it looks like what you want in a purple dinosaur costume". In the end Lyons ended up bring suit against a handful of costume suppliers and threatening the rest with legal action if they didn't cough up "settlement money", to which her boss knuckled under to the pressure and paid out about $1000.

Having raised a young child during the height of the Barney fad, we kept her away from Barney on telelvision, though she could watch all the Sesame Street she wanted.

For all the reasons why Barney is the worst thing one could inflict on a young child, see this essay on the "Jihad to Destroy Barney" website:


Having no kids, I've never seen the purple one of dino world. I'll leave it to the parents to deal with this one. As for being sued for makeing fun of something, give me a break. Since when is humor against the law?

If Barney were merely annoying, that would be acceptible. But there's something really creepy about Barney and the entire show. No, it is not something kids should be watching.

Having endured Barney anfd the Teletubbies, all I can say is at least they're not a s annoying as Veggie Tales.

Remember the old usenet groups? There was a Barney hate group called, I think, alt.barney.die.die.die . Three dies. They wanted to be absolutely sure of their readership.

Off topic: have you seen this contest?

A political photoshop contest

Mind if I submit the O'Reilly photoshops?

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