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August 02, 2006


"...the mental runt of the Bush family litter."

A perfect description. And no, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Viguerie et al to do anything. It's much more fun to shake their heads in dismay and pontificate from the sidelines.

Mental runt of the Bush family is a bit below the belt.

I mean, cmon, NEAL?!?!?!?!

damn dude, the lease you could do would be to put some photoshop on that creepy picture, especialy since you're so ambivilent about your feelings for the prez daddy buddies there, like get a room er something, AS IF anybody could get those inbred assholes in the senate to hop off of junior's gravy train

Bumbleshrub is like a little kid playing with his army set and Viguerie & his ilk are like those parents who shake their head and chuckle at his antics, maybe tsk tsk a little, then go fix themself a martini. No one is going to rein in the Ignored Child. I would just like to see more Dems jump on the impeachment train. Like you said, before we're all blown to bits. I literally have been waiting to hear a bomb drop somewhere around here. You know it's only a matter of time.

what's odd is that Poppy and his crew were Arabists. they had strong ties to the Saudis through the Carlyle Group and other business interests. 41 even castigated Israel occasionally. But G Dubs, thanks to his bible bashing brain, is practically a Zionist...just another example of shrub trying to differentiate himself from daddy warbucks

Frankenstein's remorse?

Speaking of James Baker--I had just purchsed my first computer in the fall of 2000 and had AOL dialup with all its funny spunds. After the Disaster Monkey stole the election that fall it seemed that James Baker was constantly on TV lying as he tried to defend Fool #1. It occured to me at the time that Baker's old, slow, nasal, country southern drawl was the ideal match for AOL dialup with all its strange groans and squeaks and grunts.

Go read this Greg Palast piece. He delves into James Baker and the whole oil-related casus belli.

(You may wish to put on a hard hat, because you'll be smacking your head on your desk by the end of it...)

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