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August 13, 2006


Yanni is to music as Bush is to wisdom. Brrrr.

You know don't you that a lot of this is blackmail? When they are pledging they take off all the shows you joined and sent money to get--and put on all this disgusting crap. the idea is that if you don't send money this is all you will get, not your favorite Mystery or Britcom...sheer blackmail, send money or die from ick overload. They know you watch them because you can't stand the junk on the rest of the channels and they have you over a barrel.

Betsy - I realize that, to an extent, it is blackmail. But some of this crap comes when they're not fundraising, when they don't have to flood the airwaves with 3 Tenors, 3 More Tenors, or 3 More Awful Tenors. And you know what? I'd triple my contribution to avoid it.

My piano teacher used to want me to play Yanni. It was basically arpeggios and various rolled chords, over and over and over, and over and over, with lots of pedal. This, to people who don't know ass about music, sounds very fancy and impressive.

Then you play Chopin and they get bored.

People are assholes.

Will you still respect me if I admit I love Lawrence Welk in short doses? It's the bubble thing, not to mention the nostalgia. The first song I ever learned by heart was Me and My Teddy Bear by the Lennon Sisters.

Elizabeth R with Glenda Jackson was really quite wonderful. Yanni was not involved.

I'm with Libby, Nothing wrong with a little wholesome polka music. Plus there is the nostaligia factor as well, I used to watch it with my parents when I was a kid and they were both still alive.

PBS came off my radar a long time ago. Just didn't have the stuff they used to

The only hope for PBS is that the boomer generation will die off and take its (our) narcissism with it (us). Which is worse, PBS insisting on believing that its viewers give a shit about the British royal family, or PBS being right that its viewers really do give said shit about said family? But as long as there are aging woulda-been campus radicals driving through Mill Valley or Silver Springs in their Volvo wagons anesthetizing what's left of their consciences with an annual donation to their local Antiques Roadshow outlet ("This whipping post has been in the family for, oh, I don't know, several generations and looks so nice next to this lawn jockey"), you can finish this damn sentence yourself.

I'm with Libby, Nothing wrong with a little wholesome polka music.

It's Lawrence Welk's stuff that's vile ... the sight of guys in white sweaters and loafers opening their mouths to sing makes me freeze in terror.

Sorry, Freude, to one-up you, but....Barry Farber, hatemonger and incipient Alzheimer's patient extraordinaire, had a program on Aug 5 called "Learn Any Language"...

How can you not be entertained by Michael Flatley? He's a one man, godamn freakshow. Just gimme my Frontline and Are You Being Served and the labotomized boomers can have the rest.

I'm somewhere far away and safe from PBS, and sooo grateful for that fact. Your description of Yanni's music was excellent. I hate everything else you mentioned, so although I have never heard his music...I intend to ensure that I remain in ignorance. Thanks for the warning :)

i use pbs mainly for the news hours but i also enjoy the living history stuff of frontier house and the others. i loved it on texas ranch house when the orange county republican asshole boss man took his "i don't negotiate with terrorists" to the local comanches. . .history detectives can be interesting sometimes. while i used to be a big fan (and appeared four times as a sideman) of austin city limits i now check it carefully. same with american masters sometimes i will start with the clicker still in my hand in case it sux. i don't even bother with pledge drive time. my taste just doesn't wrap around everyone else's i guess. yanni not only plays shitty music he's an asshole to work with.

YANNI should be on the TSA Banned List...torture....ouch....

I'm with you on the essential crappiness and mediocrity of PBS pledge drive offerings, but I used to take Irish Step Dancing, as did my daughter, and there is definitely more than one step. The first time I saw Riverdance, I was blown away - I felt emotional at the dancing and the music. That doesn't mean I want to see it every three months, or any of the spin-offs, either. But Irish dance is a complex art form that takes years to master, so I must disagree with your "one step" statement.

It's true that it takes years to master, but that's only because its practitioners are caucasian.

Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

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