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August 10, 2006


No, no. The answer to everything is war! Now please revise this post.

Not only is W paying attention, watch how he, somehow, manages to take credit.

Yeah, W was so worried that he left Crawford and flew to -- not Washington -- Green Bay for a fundraiser.

While I have posted on my blog security measures for travelers - restrictions on carry-on bags; and restrictions on what may or may not be taken onto planes - I cannot help but remain a bit cynical as to the timing. Mid-terms are coming up here in the USA.

Still, if you are traveling, allow 2.5 hours within the US; allow at least 3 hours for international travel. MOST RESTRICTIVE is travel between the USA and the UK. Regardless of our cynicism, the measures are in effect, and today I am dealing with stranded travelers who are in London with cancelled flights and closed airports.

Be AWARE, be alert, be careful.

Yeah, and be on a boat.

What? You mean that John Kerry was right? That we can defeat terrorist attacks thru intelligence (both native and the kind where you slip a spy in), hard work, and good detective instincts?

My goodness...this is amazing! How much does anyone want to bet that the next terrorist attack will hit America before they hit Britain?

By the way, I'm betting (for reasons Idetail on my blog) that these weren't explosives to bring down the planes, but for a far more insidious purpose...

If it doesn't involve blood and killing, the administration isn't interested.

the Tubes were bombed in July of last year.

No one told me the internet was attacked with explosives!

No one told me the internet was attacked with explosives!

Posted by: Comandante Agi

Why do you think Lieberman's website came down? They had to change the fluorescent bulbs...

The chatter is that the Brits knew about this plot for months, but only filled in G-Dub last weekend, because they were afraid someone in the Administration would leak info about it, before they could take it down.

Crooks and Liars encourages al Qaeda types once again.

Oh I wish I had taken that tack on my early posts. I may steal this post for a follow-up in Detroit.

whelp...I guess George and the Poodle did discuss- right around the 6th...hmm another August 6 Memo that we almost did not know about...I guess American "Intel" was not involved...hmmm I wonder why...

How come bumbleshrub is posturing and taking credit? It has nothing to do with U.S. "Intelligence," does it? Doesn't it just make US look bad? I am so confused... why are the neocons declaring some sort of victory? Ohhhh my head....


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