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August 25, 2006


In "Let's Impeach the President" by Neil Young, there's a line that goes:

"If al Qaeda had blown up the levees, would New Orleans be safer that way?"

I've got several friends and colleagues down in NOLA, and the place still looks like a war zone. It's inexcusable, and more people think everything's back to normal.

God, I hate these bastards running our country.

Why paint New Orleans' schools, when there are government vouchers available for fresh-painted Christian schools?

Besides, what good is paint if your school doesn't have a roof?

RE: PIC Both those turkeys are fake MandT

The problem is that both government contracts for New Orleans and Iraq went to the same companies.Why actually do the job you bid on when you didn't have to compete with anyone to get it. Drag your feet, overcharge the government (while receiving tax breaks from them) and bide your time, because with Bush in office, we're always a couple months away from the next big disaster that they can acquire mor bids on without having to compete against companies that might actually get the job done.

A bountiful feast this shit sandwich has turn in to....

Unfortunately for N.O., the bumbleshrub is headed down there for more photo ops, which will probably slow things up even more, just like his photo op last year which held up supply and water delivery to desperate people for HOURS.

Kayne West is right -- GWB hates black people.

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