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August 03, 2006


Jonah had a decent op-ed piece in the LA Times today about ending farm subsidies. It's the first one I've read that didn't make me cringe since he started his thursday gig at the Times (after they gave Robert Scheer the boot)

I'm guessing All Things Conservative is the actual quote, but it's not like I'm actually going to click on any of those links. I mean, ewww.

I'll go with Blue Gal on the All Things Conservative but I'm with her on the clicking on one of them to find out. It's enough that you have the fortitude to give them a hit we will all take your word for it. How's that for trust or would that be disgust?

I'll donate $20 to Hezbollah if they land a rocket close enough to Spamela of Atlas Unhinged that she soils her undies.

And she provides video.

CG- is that fair? For $20, you'd make Hezbollah stare at her long enough to aim?

I'll guess The Real Ugly American. And I don't want to look either. Just how long do you have to stand in the shower and scrub afer you put together these posts?

Jonah had a decent op-ed piece in the LA Times today about ending farm subsidies.

This demonstrates Jonah's substandard judgment - he's driving through the heartland even as we speak. By questioning farm subsidies, he's taking his life in his hands.

I'm new around here but I learned a valuable lesson today; Never eat while reading the Wingnut Roundup. It's Goldstein and, I have to admit, it is the shortest and most beautiful autobiography I have ever read. Just not while I'm eating, man.
Now if I can only get that Sadly No picture of him as a native fertility dancer out of my head, I can eat dessert.

I've never heard of Atlas Shrugs before, but if the picture on the left towards the top is any indication, the site has to be a joke or a satire.

... the site has to be a joke or a satire.

Sadly, No! Pam is a Randroid who thinks it's her right to slaughter brown people for the glory of greater Israel. Sort of like Malkin but with fake breasts and no TV deal.

I only clicked the verbatim link! I rule!! I wasn't surprised at ALL that "Protein Wisdom" was the scab puller/eater. The comments were brilliant too: "Do scabs taste like buggers?"

Priceless. I couldn't go to Atlas because some days Pam makes my hair stand on end, and I didn't feel like being repulsed.

Your hipboots must be really gooped up real good about now...

I finally got into Israel ... war makes me so fuckin' hawt! Damn I wish I was a chick with a gun!

What did she think her tits were for? They're sure useless for any sexual attraction!

Notice Rumsfeld's response to being mowed down by Senator Clinton's remarks: Pausing, nearly shaking his head, "My goodness"; that translates: "How rude and unladylike, how disrespectful".

Why does that picture of Coulter look like she just took a facial from a bull?

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