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August 26, 2006


The puddles of drool at these peoples feet must be extraordinary!!!

Here's a couple more:

See a tongue-in-cheek visual of two of Florida's finest...Katherine Harris & Anita Bryant...here:


What I love is when they post backtracks to your site, calling them wingnuts. Sorry I'm driving up their traffic by actually reading them.

"Why would Lieberman take time out of his tight race to support a party that has turned its back on him?"

Um, guys, Lieberman turned first. And it's not "his race" that's tight...

Then there's George Allen:

In demonstrating just how stupidly and thoughtlessly racist he is, he's proabably alienated a fair number of actual racists, who think of themselves as being quite intelligent, with compelling and intellectually persuasive views.

And he wasn't even drunk at the time!

And our dear Anne Coulter who's performance on Hannedy & Colms is, I predict, gonna get her LOTS of bookings from the arguably Liberal Media...

Granted, I've no idea how I would recover from finding myself with my metaphorical skirt over my ears like that, but a lady should know how to avoid such situations in the first place.

All Things Conservative wins!!

I love the ONE comment that responds to his question:

"Here's my argument, you're a fucking nutjob. Seek help."

Michelle Malkin is unhinged if she thinks that guy was any meaner or more insulting than Coultergeist. Not even close!



I don't know how you keep reading that []. Tranquilizers?

Yeah, but Helen, he got a zinger back:

Here's my argument, you're a fucking nutjob

Another honors graduate from the rhetoric classes at DailyKos...

If only his blog were as good as the comment zingers.

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