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August 24, 2006


According to prophesy, I'm working until 8 tonight. So says my boss, who doubles as my sister. Oh how Christmas dinner resounds with dire predicting when I refuse to pass the gravy!

Well they have to have something to look forward to so they don't have to deal with the reality of the now. Fuck anyone you like because the end is near. Okay not that near, the next near. Okay maybe not that near but the real near is just around the corner.

Cue Pennywise.

My prophesy is that I will be on a sea plane from Orpheus Island to Townsville on Sept. 11, possibly with sunburn.

Prophesy also says to beware of false prophets.

Didn't Nostradamus already say when the world's gonna end? A few times? I think we have about 14 more years.

gee, a bad day first they say that Pluto is not a Planet and now this...wow ....I better start packing and looking for sunblock ( well according to our Dear Leader I am indeed going straight to Hell...do not pass go do not collect $200). Thanks for the heads up BF....

This calls for an upgrade from my Glenn Reynolds signature edition pampers to Hugh Hewitt Huggies Ultra. I'm so scared I can barely blog.

This may shock you, my D-Day doubting friend, but I shall miss you and your hippie horde when Brother Hawkins and I are Raptured this coming 9/11. I mean, who am I going to prove wrong in heaven?

I wish god would rapture all the fanatical cult idiots away. Imagine a world with no racism, no superiority complexes, no war, no gov't trying to regulate your sex life or your utereus, no assholes on TV saying stupid shit, no hollow, spoiled, SUV-driving trophy wives with flag and Bush stickers on the bumper, no insane legislators looting the treasury and enriching themselves by stealing our money. America might regain the respect it lost worldwide at the hands of the god cult. Freedom to think, say and feel anything you desire, privacy and true compassion would become the norm. Now if we could only convince them to off themselves now, in some entertaining way we could have a lot more candidates for the prestigious Darwin award, which celebrates people thinning the herd by doing themselves in using a particularly stupid method. No pat buchanon, ann horseface culter, pat robertson, and all the other of god's chosen defects. Wow, the air smells better already. The best part would come when all these true believers discover that god holds a special place in hell for all those who use his name and his word for hate, greed, war, and all the other repug obsessions. Please, if there is a god, please please please take them now.

They are fascinated with end times because they are impatient for an end to the cognitive dissonance.... it burns, mommy!

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