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August 23, 2006


i wish the meth-cookin' crack-smokin' child-molestin' whities in my neck of the woods would get hip to their patriotic doodie as master racists to, like, save the world from all the dark people with, like, jobs and families and payin' taxes an' all...it's an outrage!!

You know, these guys are bigots of the highest caliber, but I get even more pissed off when Hillary and Joe Biden do it. t\They both made stereotypical, belittling comments about 7-11s and Indians this week. When they do jerky stuff like that, the rightwing whackos just get more ammo and can defend their own bigotry.

I think there is plenty of bigotry in both parties, with of course the republicans showing a HUGE leade over dems (that MAcaca incident!!!). What's truly sad is that it's clear that our gov't disdains the public that put them in power, no matter which party.

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You know, I kind of like the separate plane idea. But why confine it to religious divisions?

I'd like to have separate planes for people who say "nuclear" and those who say "nukular."

Though, in what context "nuclear" would come up on an airplane, I'm not exactly sure.

I would like to know if my pilot was a Christian before I boarded. I don't want to be left with out a driver in case the Rapture arrives!

Well, I would like to see separate lines as well: one for people who are badly dressed; another for people who love the smell of cloying cheap perfume (those who wear it should be lined up and shot, I'm just mentioning).

And, just to clarify for AltHippo: "nuclear family" might come up in context - referring to mommy, daddy, and those two screaming brats who can't get along with each other, disrupting everyone's flight because their pacifiers were labled potential bombs and removed from them forcibly.

And exactly how will the security people know who is or is not a Muslim? They don't wear signs -- at least, not yet...

Don't forget about ol' Conrad Burns joking about how his handyman wouldn't show him his green card. Har har!


Now this week, a video released by his Democratic opponent shows the senator joking about how a "nice little Guatemalan man" fixing up his house might be an illegal immigrant.

"Could I see your green card?" Burns asks in the video. "And Hugo says: 'No.' I said: 'Oh, gosh.'"



I'm all for planes split on a bigoted / not-bigoted line.

I'll gladly ride in the non-bigot plane because there's sure to be more room to stretch out.

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