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August 08, 2006


As we speak, a horde of young intern (sic) are descending on Coulter's book to correct the errors the author will admit to.

However, the publisher is interviewing a mass of temps for the others.

I'm glad you're staying on this, blogenfreude. Since that 9/11 widows comment, Coultergeist has sort of faded from view for a while. Which is good. But Crown have done nothing about all the lies, fabrications, distortions, and outright acts of plagiarism in Godless, nor have they even responded to a letter or email regarding same.

Just curious: has anyone heard from Crown?

Just curious: has anyone heard from Crown?

So far it's straight denials.

Uh, More importantly, has anyone contacted the widows AND THEIR ATTORNEYS. Time for a SLander lawsuit. AND BIG FUCKING ONE AT THAT.

Blogwhoring somewhat, but ahem

I don't think she's faded enough. I keep getting media matters alerts DAILY containing more ignorant assinine things. She must really be trying to distract. Now she's just calling everyone gay or a fag, and I guess getting more venom-filled with each appearance. Maybe she'll just spontaneously combust and that'll be that.

Oh.... if only....

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