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September 03, 2006


The more they change, indeed... were any of those a direct quote this time? I didn't click the links. I trust you :)

"Water conducted through earthen pipes is more wholesome than that through lead; indeed that conveyed in lead must be injurious, because from it white lead is obtained, and this is said to be injurious to the human system. Hence, if what is generated from it is pernicious, there can be no doubt that itself cannot be a wholesome body. This may be verified by observing the workers in lead, who are of a pallid colour; for in casting lead, the fumes from it fixing on the different members, and daily burning them, destroy the vigour of the blood; water should therefore on no account be conducted in leaden pipes if we are desirous that it should be wholesome. That the flavour of that conveyed in earthen pipes is better, is shewn at our daily meals, for all those whose tables are furnished with silver vessels, nevertheless use those made of earth, from the purity of the flavour being preserved in them" - Vitruvius

Helen - no direct quotes this time, but I'll sneak a couple in next time.

Your summarizations are flawless. These people are more whacked out in their conspiracy theories than a convention of 9/11 truth seekers on acid.

Hey, Blogenfreud! You tryin' to put me out of business?!

I got linked on C&L with you. Good job, dude!

blogenfrude: I suppose it would be of immense relief to drop a tab or twoo, all the better to forget the SHORTING of UNITED and AMERICAN stock the week leading up to 9/11/01. Made what was termed BILLIONS by expert financial professionals, but ignored by hardheaded propaganda smokers.

Stick that up your "more whacked out...than a convention of 9/11 truthseelers on acid" pipe.

Then explain how those I-beams weighing more than a school bus were ejected 60o feet from the towers by a "gravity collapse", genius.

I will probably regret this, but:

all the better to forget the SHORTING of UNITED and AMERICAN stock the week leading up to 9/11/01 ...

As if airline stocks deserved any but to be shorted back then ...

I was the one who made the comments. Let me explain the joke (which automatically makes it less funny)The right wing nuts listed by Mr. Blogenfreude are whacked out. Dropping acid makes a person paranoid, as well as delusional. 9/11 conspiracy theorists (some of which I agree with) on acid would be paranoid and delusional, even more so because of the immense amount of information in their heads. Therefore, if the right wing nuts were more delusional than conspiracy theorists on acid, they'd be pretty far out there. Which they are (right wing nuts, not 9/11 conspiracy theorists.)

Hm. LGF is borked... Perhaps they didn't pay their electric bill?

Great round-up here.
StealthBagder, what does borked mean?

Oh my, you didn't have to go to all that trouble to convince me that they're all dog shit crazy. But thanks for your dedication. :)

Man there are some crazy people out there!! I often like to scan around the right-wing blogs to see what the nutters are spouting. A particular favourite is USS Neverdock. Always good for a laugh.

What happened to Atlas Unhinged?

And I still don't know how you do it? These people are seriously batshit.

I'm surrounded by blindness. What's the matter with the planners of this war? The answer's right in front of you, idiots!! Didn't you notice the huge intelligence break implicit in the release of the two Fox News "journalists"? Do I have to spell it out? THEY WERE CONVERTED AT GUNPOINT TO ISLAM!!

Must I do EVERYTHING? You need a specialized draft, one which will call up all priests of military age. Give each of them a gun, maybe one of those assclown decks of cards with the remaining Ringleaders of the Revolution on it. A few quick lessons in conversion at gunpoint, and it's off to Sandyland. They can start with the guys pictured on the cards (those who aren't dead or captured), and branch out from there, converting everybody to Christianity at gunpoint!

Once they're all converted, they'll love America!! God and Country!! Apple pie all around!! If this worthy goal is not sufficient inspiration, priests might be offered conversion-points toward a Cadillac Escalade, something like that.

Reply to me here, Mr. Rumsfeld, and I'll give you instructions where you can send my consultancy fee.

Does Harris wear lead based makeup----would s'plain a lot? MandT

Yeah, where was Atlas Muggs? Or Atlas Juggs? She's one of my favorites to get nauseated at.

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