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September 08, 2006


I was proud to go to my first protest with my dad, a veteran of civil rights and vietnam protests--during the Republican't National Convention. Gives me pause just thinking about it right now...he was in Chicago in 68', and we were together in NYC in 04'.

Bush on top of every pile of rubble or Star Jones lurks around every corner? The twin terrors. Which is worse? Why can't you give us some good news? Isn't there any good news?

Bush needs to annually visit these places just to remind us just what a shitty president he's being for us.

I like to send The White House postcards and e-mails every once in a while with just those words.

It's my way of staying in touch.

The one saving grace to all this, Freude & The Heretik, is that Dumbya inhaled an awful lot of toxins during his many photo ops on top of the debris pile.

Actor212, I was just about to make the same comment. However, since he of course wasn't actually doing anything other than a publicity walk-on, we probably won't see poetic justice here. Now, if he'd just go inhale in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward...

Folks, don't you see the genius of all this speechifying? These "photo ops," as you call them, use images of natural and made-made disasters for a purpose: to make our President seem harmless in comparison!

Fearful Leader should never ever be allowed within the city.

Can't you make Bloomberg switch parties? What's wrong with him?

Can't you make Bloomberg switch parties? What's wrong with him?

Posted by: No Blood for Hubris

He was a Democrat until he realized that if he switched parties, he could buy the mayoralty

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