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September 15, 2006


Third Riech? Hasn't that already been done?

I'm getting mixed up. Which side is good and which is evil?

People who don't think Bush is stupid enough to attack Iran forget what an idiot he is.

If we don't take away his birthday in Novemeber we are in a world of hurt. He and his miniions intend to attack Iran, they just haven't finalized how.
Conventional is looking pretty tough since we can't even keep a full force on the ground in Iraq. Take away conventional and you get "nucular". If the GOP still has control of both houses of Congress after November that you can put money on the U.S. using tactical nukes against Iran. They are setting the stage and honing the rhetoric. Watch and see.

This is really dumb...but how can they be so stupid? Is there no one to make them see the error of their ways? God had better start talking to Georgie again and tell him this is a no no.

Bet on it? Ten bucks says Colin Powell has a soapy "accident" with a rent boy and a motorized back scratcher!

Wait. Wasn't it Ann Coulter who wanted Muslims to be converted by force to Christianity?

Let's invade Iran!

Instead of a Third Awakening (Goddamn snooze button...), I wish Bush would have his First Sobering.

You know, this world domination game plan NEVER works in the cartoons and reality bends soo much more nicely there. Perhaps Mr. Mush needs to watch some nicktoons? (now where are those nice superheroes when you need them?)

Bush will invade Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran simultaneously.


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