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September 05, 2006


They've already imprisoned Ramin Jahanbegloo the Canadian/Iranian professor who is a proponent of a liberal dialectical approach to understanding and Ghandian principals of civil change.

And as an Ohioan, I can only hope that the Ohio Republican party is in it's death throes, to use an ill-omened quote.

Perhaps Iranian liberals are an altogether better class of liberal. Maybe that is why the US wants to save them? Then again, is it because the US administration is filled with crazies?

Wait till Newt wieghs in, oh...he already has.

When did Ahmenidijad grow a white beard?

Horowitz needs to add a link to his list connecting himself and authoritarian fundies who support terror.

On a related note, Senate candidate Katherine Harris received the endorsement of the President today. Sure, it was the President of Iran, but still.

Here's nice common ground for the Bush administration to start talks with Iran on-"Hey! We hate our liberals too!"

Didn't we see this coming though?

I did! I DID!

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