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September 30, 2006


OMG this is an overload!!! LOL

At least give me time to insert the new cassete.

Long live the new flesh.

Jesus...having to deal with all those authoritarian cultits' faces at one time was a shock... my eyesight is now just coming back...

Flopping Aces is the direct quote!! But it wasn't my first guess... so I don't really merit "extra credit."

Foley stole Macacawitz's thunder! If it wasn't for losing on the nasty detainee bill, we'd have had one of the best news weeks EVER.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to our tribunals.
I've always wanted to put names to faces with the people I type to.
Are all the Halliburton camps being built in sunny California?
Unlike most people, I'm not much of a sun person. Now a camp in Seattle, that's a place I could be incarcerated incommunicado in for a long time.

I'm having a hard time this week. Boiled it down to four but I'm gonna put my nickel down on K-Ham.

It's Flopping Aces? No. It can't be. The testicles post? Was she trying to be cool?

I will be honored to meetcha underground or in jail, Agitprop.

Michelle Malkin in a bikini? That's an image I'll keep referring to those cold nights in the interment camp.

NRO (Jonah Goldberg) - this Foley thing is icky and gross - grown men should never mess around with underage boys because it takes time away from yardwork 'n stuff.

Hmmmmm....methinks ol' Jonah has his own little bimb-er eruption in the closet....

By the way, Freude, was that response by Visa Credit Card a way to boost your Technorati ratings?

"Michelle Malkin in a bikini?" TORTURE worse would be Karl Rove in a thong!

I saw Malkin at Chief Ike's last night. She was a little more than intoxicated. She's a fucking lying hypocrite.

Oh...verbatim quote?

Confused Yankee....


Oh, do dish!

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